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Horrible Histories

Hi, everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I thought I’d have my new website up and running by now, so I will still be publishing here for some more time.

What I have brought here today is this TV series from the BBC, HORRIBLE HISTORIES, which you can watch on ororo.tv on the following link or just by clicking on the picture below.


You can also go to Horrible Histories website by clicking HERE.


B2 – Crime and punishment

Hi, everyone!

This is a compilation of documents I’ve been posting over the last few years on this topic: CRIME


All I want for Christmas

Hi, everyone!

I’ve come across this video on Youtube and I’ve just thought it’d be great to share it with you all.

As it appears on the video description, this is the instrument list and the people who played & performed:

Jimmy Fallon – wood block, tambourine, bass drum, kazoo
Mariah Carey – vocals

The Roots:

Questlove – wooden clacker w/ afro pick
Mark Kelley – Fisher Price xylophone
Kamal Gray – recorder
James Poyser – melodica
Captain Kirk – ukulele
Tuba Gooding Jr. – kazoo
Frank Knuckles – bongos
Black Thought – sleigh bells

Hope you like it as much as I do. 

B2 – HEALTH related vocabulary & KEY

Hi, everyone!

This is the HEALTH handout I’ve given out in class this week. The KEY is at the end of the document.

healing songs

Hi, everyone!

As you know, the vocabulary we’ve been studying in the past few days dealt with health issues, that is, symptoms, illnesses, and treatments. I’ve always believed that any given topic has a song about it and that’s why I’m writing about health (and its counterpart).

To begin with, there’s a band whose name comes in handy: The Cure. I’m not a great fan myself, so I don’t have a clue whether they speak about health or not, but their name is more than enough so far.

When it comes to songs, well, that’s easier. The thing is that singers don’t really write about flu, a cough, or even hepatitis. No. It’s love and broken hearts what’s more sung and written about (even cried about). From Bonnie Tyler’s It’s a heartache (just for its title) to Bon Jovi’s Bad Medicine.

And let’s not forget Robert Palmer’s Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

Lack of sleep can also be a good cause for feeling unwell, isn’t it? As in I’m so tired, by The Beatles


Hope you like the songs and learn a lot from them.

B2 Treasure restored

Hi, everyone!

These are the treasure restored handouts I gave out in class. You can also do the listening comprehension exercises by clicking on the buttons below.

track 27


track 28



2. 1- potter  2- wealthy  3- vineyard  4- undamaged  5- merchant  6- ship  7- wrecked  8- divers  9- restorer  10- auction  11- museum

4. 1-b  2-g  3-d  4-f  5-a  6-e  7-c

5. 1- No, she isn’t.  2- The Egyptian mummies

The 100 most beautiful words in English

Hi, everyone!

Although I’m on holidays, I haven’t forgotten about you, my dear students. I came across this webpage while surfing the net, and I thought you’d like to have a look at it. Enjoy!

By the way, what’s your favourite word in English? Mine is… (I’ll tell you in class!)


Xmas presents 4 all!

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Hi, everyone! Christmas is near, and so are the presents. That means that we need to start thinking about what we are going to give (and what we are going to get, too!).

So why don’t we play a little game? You can find below the links to a few online stores. There’s a bit of everything: clothes, toys, technology, DVDs, music, books

All you have to do is imagine that you won a contest and received £1000 that you need to spend on gifts. Don’t forget to include me! You have to buy something for me as well. When you finish your shopping spree, please tell me all about it (send me an email telling me what you purchased).

Thank you!

Firebox   Apple store UK    Topshop    Topman    Foyles bookshop    Hamleys    Tesco    Asos     interflora    HMV


FCE Use of English practice

Feel free to practise some rephrasing exercises. You can find the key to the exercises on the last page of the document.

A bit of vocab

You can find here the vocabulary exercises we did last Monday. There’s a bit of everything: geographical nouns, reporting verbs, homographs, collocations


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