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B2 upper-intermediate linx



Hi, everyone!

Here you have some instructions and exercises to prepare your September examinations and to keep in touch with the language for the next course ahead.

  • links for listening comprehension

http://www.agendaweb.org/listening/upperintermediate.html http://www.eoioviedo.org/webteca/recursos%20ingles/listening.htm http://www.soundsenglish.com/upper.html http://www.englishlearner.com/intermediate/listening-comprehension-boracay.shtml http://www.ivoox.com/podcast-better-at-english-upper-intermediate_sq_f16308_1.html http://www.betteratenglish.com/category/levels/upper-intermediate

  • links for reading comprehension

http://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/upper-intermediate-reading-exercise-dracula http://www.teachya.com/reading/reading_exercises/upper_intermediate.php

  • links for written expression and interaction

http://www.onestopenglish.com/skills/writing/lesson-plans/ http://esl.about.com/od/writinglessonpla2/


ororo.tv or watch TV shows in English for free

Hi, everyone!

I told you about this website in class, but I still needed to write about it here on the blog. This post deals with ororo.tv, a website which we can use, as the people who run it actually say, ‘to learn English by watching tv-shows and movies’.




You can find here almost everything — the best tv shows are just one click away, so that’s just great. The shows can be displayed by popularity, by genre, by name, or by year of production, for example. If you want to get the latest episodes, you should display the results by date (newest).

Or more simply, just type the title — or part of it — in the search box.

So just check it out and, most importantly, enjoy while you learn.

Horrible Histories

Hi, everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I last posted anything, but I thought I’d have my new website up and running by now, so I will still be publishing here for some more time.

What I have brought here today is this TV series from the BBC, HORRIBLE HISTORIES, which you can watch on ororo.tv on the following link or just by clicking on the picture below.


You can also go to Horrible Histories website by clicking HERE.

B2 – Crime and punishment

Hi, everyone!

This is a compilation of documents I’ve been posting over the last few years on this topic: CRIME



Hi, everyone!

While looking for Thanksgiving resources I came across this funny video. Enjoy!

B2 – revise & check 1

revise & check

Hi, everyone!

These are the recordings for the listening comprehension exercises on p. 19.

track 1.23


track 1.24



a.  1-b  2-a  3-c  4-b  5-a


  1. Because she was having a lot of problems with her fiancé.
  2. That the problems would be resolved.
  3. No, it wasn’t.
  4. That the psychic wasn’t very professional.
  5. Because Alice believes that psychics can really see into the future.
  6. She told Alice she would have a new job.
  7. She didn’t get depressed when she lost her job.
  8. Not to depend too much on psychics.

B2 – Stereotypes


Hi, everyone!

These are the recordings, from unit 2A (p.20), on national stereotypes.

track 2.1


track 2.2




Speaker 1 (American)

(+) individualistic, hard-working, optimistic

(-) materialistic, very interested in money

Speaker 2 (Irish)

(+) sociable, easy-going, religious, family oriented, good storytellers

(-) melancholic, nostalgic, drink a lot

Speaker 1 (English)

(+) tolerant, open to new ideas

(-) self-satisfied, arrogant towards foreigners, lazy, careless in the way they dress, drink too much

Speaker 1 (Scottish)

(+) proud of their identity, inventive, sociable, like to have a good time, great travellers, well behaved abroad

(-) melancholic, negative attitude towards their neighbours (the English), quite negative towards foreigners


  1. a) achieve  b) inherited  
  2. a) emigration  b) climate
  3. a) multi-ethnic  b) unwillingness
  4. a) attitude  b) wrongs

B2 readers for this year

Hi, everyone!

These are the two novels we are going to read over the year. Diary of a wimpy kid will be part of our February reading comprehension exam, whereas Lies of Silence will appear in our final exam in June.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


video- can stress actually kill you?

Hi, everyone!

Please check this interesting video on stress and its effects on our health. Hope you like it!

Also note that you can activate the subtitles.


B2 Indirect questions

Hi, everyone!
Please watch this video in which indirect questions are explained.


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