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B1 conditional sentences

Hi, everyone!

This is the conditionals handout we studied yesterday. The KEY is at the end of the document, as usual.

You can also find the 2nd type conditional exercises we studied in A2 on the following link.

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B1 reported speech links

Hi, everyone!

Take a look at the following links for more reported speech exercises.

modal verbs #2 – must vs. have to

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modal verbs #1 – can

This is the first post in a series of brief explanations of modal verbs for B1 or intermediate level students of English.

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B1 question tags – activities #3


b) B; c) A; d) A; e) B; f) A; g) A; h) A


B1 question tags – activities #2


1. b) have they?; c) will it?; d) did they?; e) can they?; f) is it?

2. b) isn’t it?; c) haven’t you?; d) don’t they?; e) isn’t she?; f) didn’t it?

B1 question tags – activities #1


a) didn’t he?; b) were they?; c) did they?; d) didn’t it?; e) didn’t they?; f) didn’t it?; g) didn’t he?; h) didn’t it?; i) didn’t it?

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a small blog for students of English as a second language

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a small blog for students of English as a second language

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