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B2 upper-intermediate linx



Hi, everyone!

Here you have some instructions and exercises to prepare your September examinations and to keep in touch with the language for the next course ahead.

  • links for listening comprehension

http://www.agendaweb.org/listening/upperintermediate.html http://www.eoioviedo.org/webteca/recursos%20ingles/listening.htm http://www.soundsenglish.com/upper.html http://www.englishlearner.com/intermediate/listening-comprehension-boracay.shtml http://www.ivoox.com/podcast-better-at-english-upper-intermediate_sq_f16308_1.html http://www.betteratenglish.com/category/levels/upper-intermediate

  • links for reading comprehension

http://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/upper-intermediate-reading-exercise-dracula http://www.teachya.com/reading/reading_exercises/upper_intermediate.php

  • links for written expression and interaction

http://www.onestopenglish.com/skills/writing/lesson-plans/ http://esl.about.com/od/writinglessonpla2/


wordstock – a blog for books

Hi, everyone!

This is my new blogroll on books, reading, literature… It’s student oriented, so I hope you find it useful — that’s my intention.

On the blog you can see your own work. If you’d like to contribute with book reviews, recommendations, or anything of interest you might have in mind, please let me know!


B2 readers for this year

Hi, everyone!

These are the two novels we are going to read over the year. Diary of a wimpy kid will be part of our February reading comprehension exam, whereas Lies of Silence will appear in our final exam in June.

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From The Guardian: 10 grammar rules you can forget

Hi, everyone!

On the following link you can read an article on grammar aspects which worry English speakers. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

10 grammar rules you can forget: how to stop worrying and write proper


B2 readers

Hi, everyone!

These are the readers we’re studying this course. In case you’ve already read The curious incident of the dog in the night-time, we’ll let you know what else to read.

  •  Agatha Christie. Death on the Nile. Penguin Readers. Level 5. Pearson Longman.
  • Mark Haddon. The curious incident of the dog in the night-time. DFB
  • Nick Hornby. About a boy (full text, not the abridged reader from Penguin).

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B1 practice test links

Hi, everyone!

You can find here a list of links to test your listening & reading skills. I’ll be updating the list as often as possible, so check it out from time to time. Remember that for the University of Cambridge, B1 stands for PET. That means that if you’re looking for B1 tests you should need to know that it is PET tests.

That’s all for now. If you have any question, feel free to send me an email and I’ll answer asap.

A2 – Chemical Secret test

Hi, everyone.

We’re having the test on Chemical Secret next Monday 19th March.

For further information, I’ll be glad to answer your questions on my email address or  in class.

A2 reader test

Aquellos alumnos que han hablado antes conmigo comunicándome que no podían hacer la prueba del libro de 2º Voodoo Island, la pueden hacer con el grupo 2ºC el jueves 15 a las 16.15 h ó con el grupo 2º D el mismo día a las 18.45 h.

A2 readers

Hello, there!

These are the readers for our present course:

  • Voodoo island. Michael Duckworth. Stage 2. Oxford UP (1st term)
  • Chemical Secret. Tim Vicary. Stage 3. Oxford UP (2nd term)
  • The ring . Bernard Smith. Penguin Stage 3 (3rd term)

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B1 readers

Hi, everyone!

These are the readers for the present course.

  • Tales of the Supernatural. Cambridge University Press. Level 3 (1st term)
  • A Morbid Taste for Bones. Ellis Peters (retold by John Escott) Oxford UP Stage 4 (2nd term)
  • James and The Giant Peach. Roald Dahl. Penguin (Puffin). Full text. (3rd term)

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