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B1 listening comprehension – holidays & work

s & m

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording for unit 3A’s listening comprehension exercise. You can find the key below.

track 3.1




1.- Sam likes his job, but Marcia doesn’t

2.- Sam has to deal with some very difficult people and has to put up with some idiots. Marcia thinks managing a hotel is quite stressful and doesn’t like people complaining all the time. She can’t stand it when people steal things. Also either she or her husband has to be at the hotel and it’s very hard to get a holiday together.

b) & c)

SAM   1e)  2a)  3d)  4g)

MARCIA   5c)  6f)  7h)  8b)


B1 – listening comprehension – expressing concern

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 2D. This unit’s focus is on expressions to give and ask for advice and how to show concern.

Track 2.8





  1. F (She thinks her husband works too hard)
  2. T
  3. F (He thinks she is spending too much on things for the house and their children)
  4. T
  5. F (She thinks Lorna and Andy both need a night off)
  6. T

B1 – listening comprehension: sleep

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 2C’s exercise 3.

recording 2.6


















3.      1.- more  2.- 30%  3.- one and a half hours  4.- more  5.- the same amount  6.- a few hours


  1. 10%
  2. People went to sleep when it got dark and got up when it got light
  3. Older people
  4. They organise information they’ve collected during the day
  5. A place where you can go for a quick nap during the day (THEY DON’T EXIST, THOUGH)


B1 Listening comprehension – Relaxing activities

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 1C’s listening comprehension exercise. The KEY is at the end of the post.




a) Mike does yoga – Anne goes to a health club – Sally paints watercolours – Jeremy sits in front of the TV

b) Mike: every morning when he gets up – Anne: 2 or 3 times a month – Sally: Every Sunday – Jeremy: 6 nights a week

B1 – Listening comprehension

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 1A. Remember that the recording script is on page 156.



healing songs

Hi, everyone!

As you know, the vocabulary we’ve been studying in the past few days dealt with health issues, that is, symptoms, illnesses, and treatments. I’ve always believed that any given topic has a song about it and that’s why I’m writing about health (and its counterpart).

To begin with, there’s a band whose name comes in handy: The Cure. I’m not a great fan myself, so I don’t have a clue whether they speak about health or not, but their name is more than enough so far.

When it comes to songs, well, that’s easier. The thing is that singers don’t really write about flu, a cough, or even hepatitis. No. It’s love and broken hearts what’s more sung and written about (even cried about). From Bonnie Tyler’s It’s a heartache (just for its title) to Bon Jovi’s Bad Medicine.

And let’s not forget Robert Palmer’s Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

Lack of sleep can also be a good cause for feeling unwell, isn’t it? As in I’m so tired, by The Beatles


Hope you like the songs and learn a lot from them.

lyrics training – PARADISE

Hi, everyone!
You can practise your listening as well as your writing (actually, typing) skills online. Click and explore lyricstraining, a website where you can listen to your favourite tunes and study at the same time. As an example, and for you to get started, I’ve chosen Paradise, by Coldplay. Click on the link to go to the song. There, you can try the intermediate level, and see how many words you get right.

B1 practice test links

Hi, everyone!

You can find here a list of links to test your listening & reading skills. I’ll be updating the list as often as possible, so check it out from time to time. Remember that for the University of Cambridge, B1 stands for PET. That means that if you’re looking for B1 tests you should need to know that it is PET tests.

That’s all for now. If you have any question, feel free to send me an email and I’ll answer asap.

B1 listening comprehension – HEALTH ISSUES

Hi, everyone!

These listening  comprehension and speaking exercises deal with health issues.

track 43


track 46



A.  1.- a: cough  b: headache  c: sore eyes    2.- b: two  c: two  d: 24  e: eight  f: 1 or 2  g: twice

C.  1.- 2: c  3: d  4: a  5: e

   2.- Ali: lemon  Seiji: Chines radish, honey  Ana: garlic

   3.- b: hot  c: lemon  d: sore throat  e: carrot  f: juice  g: drink  h: water  i: half hour  j: 2  k: 3

B1 listening comprehension – call that a holiday?

This is the recording from unit 3C call that a holiday?



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