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UNIT 1- B2 listening comprehension exercise

Hi, everyone!

This is is the exercise you have in your books, on page 12. Listen carefully to each situation and choose the best answer a, b, or c.

  1. You hear a man and a woman talking. When should the man go to Belize?
    1. between November and May

    2. between June and October

    3. in February
  2. You hear a man talking. Why do most tourists go to Lake Plastira?

    1. to hike in the surrounding area

    2. to go canoeing

    3. to enjoy the view

  3. You hear a woman talking. Who can stay in the lounge?

    1. British Airways passengers with children

    2. all British Airways passengers

    3. business and first class passengers of British Airways

  4. You hear a man and a woman talking. What does the man think about the spa.

    1. He thinks his wife will like it.

    2. He wants to spend most of his time there.

    3. He would rather send his wife there alone.

  5. You hear a woman talking about the Airbus 4380. What is she doing when she speaks?

    1. encouraging people to travel on the Airbus A380

    2. giving information about the Airbus A380

    3. discussing the positive and negative features of the Airbus A380

  6. You hear a man and a woman talking. What does the man think of the hotel?

    1. He would like to visit it only for a day.

    2. He wants to stay in it overnight.

    3. He thinks it’s not worth visiting.

  7. You hear a man and a woman talking. Which of the following is most likely to happen?

    1. They will travel around Europe together.

    2. They will visit the same countries in Europe.

    3. They will both buy a Eurail ticket in the future.

  8. You hear a man talking on the radio. Who would the information he is giving interest most?

    1. people living in Geneva

    2. people travelling to Geneva

    3. Geography and Art teachers


1. b  2. b  3. c  4. a  5. b  6. a  7. c  8. b


new section: DOWNLOADS

Hi, everyone!

I’ve just created a new section called DOWNLOADS, where you can find some of the materials and handouts you get in class, as well as keys to exercises and some other stuff.

This page is password protected, so if you want to know the password, kindly ask for it in class or by email.


B2 upper-intermediate linx



Hi, everyone!

Here you have some instructions and exercises to prepare your September examinations and to keep in touch with the language for the next course ahead.

  • links for listening comprehension

http://www.agendaweb.org/listening/upperintermediate.html http://www.eoioviedo.org/webteca/recursos%20ingles/listening.htm http://www.soundsenglish.com/upper.html http://www.englishlearner.com/intermediate/listening-comprehension-boracay.shtml http://www.ivoox.com/podcast-better-at-english-upper-intermediate_sq_f16308_1.html http://www.betteratenglish.com/category/levels/upper-intermediate

  • links for reading comprehension

http://www.ecenglish.com/learnenglish/lessons/upper-intermediate-reading-exercise-dracula http://www.teachya.com/reading/reading_exercises/upper_intermediate.php

  • links for written expression and interaction

http://www.onestopenglish.com/skills/writing/lesson-plans/ http://esl.about.com/od/writinglessonpla2/

B2 grammar: adjectives & so/such + KEY

Hi, everyone, This is the handout we’ve been doing in class. The key is at the end of the document, as usual.


B2 Indirect questions

Hi, everyone!
Please watch this video in which indirect questions are explained.

B2 communicative activity – Q&A + KEY

Hi, everyone!

You can find below the speaking activity we’ve been doing over the last few days, and its KEY. Check it out and correct your worksheets when needed.

From The Guardian: 10 grammar rules you can forget

Hi, everyone!

On the following link you can read an article on grammar aspects which worry English speakers. I hope you find it interesting and useful.

10 grammar rules you can forget: how to stop worrying and write proper


B2 – the future

Hi, everyone!

Keep this handout as a guide for the expression of the future in English.

B2 – The Past

Hi, everyone!

This is the handout on the past that we went through last week. The key to the exercises is at the end of the document.

so / such… (that…) – narrative tenses & KEY

Hi, everyone!

This is the handout I’ve given out in class. I hope you find it useful and didn’t make many mistakes.


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