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UOE practice tests #3 – parts 3 & 4


UOE practice tests #2 – parts 3 & 4

UOE practice tests #1 – parts 3 & 4

A few more exercises for the FCE Use of English test, parts 3 & 4.

FCE Use of English practice

Feel free to practise some rephrasing exercises. You can find the key to the exercises on the last page of the document.

Upper-Intermediate Use of English Test (rephrasing)

Hello there everyone!

Here you can find the upper-intermediate sample test (the corresponding keys and transcriptions will follow in a subsequent post). I’ve tried to maintain the original document size whenever that was possible, but sometimes I guess it got trickier than I had thought at first. Anyway, give it a go, but — this is importantchoose the right time to proceed with this. Relax, sit calmly and try to keep your concentration till the end of the exercise. Remember you do not need to do all the exercises at one single time.

Use of English


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a small blog for students of English as a second language

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Boost learning by understanding human nature

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a small blog for students of English as a second language

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