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Hi, everyone!

This is the recording for unit 3A’s listening comprehension exercise. You can find the key below.

track 3.1




1.- Sam likes his job, but Marcia doesn’t

2.- Sam has to deal with some very difficult people and has to put up with some idiots. Marcia thinks managing a hotel is quite stressful and doesn’t like people complaining all the time. She can’t stand it when people steal things. Also either she or her husband has to be at the hotel and it’s very hard to get a holiday together.

b) & c)

SAM   1e)  2a)  3d)  4g)

MARCIA   5c)  6f)  7h)  8b)


Hi, everyone, This is the handout we’ve been doing in class. The key is at the end of the document, as usual.

Hi, everyone,
Here you have again the informal writing worksheet.

english 4 all

This the informal letter handout we’ve been working with in class. If you want the model composition for exercise F (page 6), request it by sending me an email.

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Hi, everyone!

While looking for Thanksgiving resources I came across this funny video. Enjoy!

Hi, everyone!

These are some recipes recommended by Meredith, our assistant teacher. Remember we’re having our own Thanksgiving at EOI Montoro next Thursday, and to celebrate this holiday we’ll be having the first Thanksgiving Cooking Competition.


Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 2D. This unit’s focus is on expressions to give and ask for advice and how to show concern.

Track 2.8





  1. F (She thinks her husband works too hard)
  2. T
  3. F (He thinks she is spending too much on things for the house and their children)
  4. T
  5. F (She thinks Lorna and Andy both need a night off)
  6. T

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 2C’s exercise 3.

recording 2.6


















3.      1.- more  2.- 30%  3.- one and a half hours  4.- more  5.- the same amount  6.- a few hours


  1. 10%
  2. People went to sleep when it got dark and got up when it got light
  3. Older people
  4. They organise information they’ve collected during the day
  5. A place where you can go for a quick nap during the day (THEY DON’T EXIST, THOUGH)


B2 – revise & check 1

revise & check

Hi, everyone!

These are the recordings for the listening comprehension exercises on p. 19.

track 1.23


track 1.24



a.  1-b  2-a  3-c  4-b  5-a


  1. Because she was having a lot of problems with her fiancé.
  2. That the problems would be resolved.
  3. No, it wasn’t.
  4. That the psychic wasn’t very professional.
  5. Because Alice believes that psychics can really see into the future.
  6. She told Alice she would have a new job.
  7. She didn’t get depressed when she lost her job.
  8. Not to depend too much on psychics.


Hi, everyone!

These are the recordings, from unit 2A (p.20), on national stereotypes.

track 2.1


track 2.2




Speaker 1 (American)

(+) individualistic, hard-working, optimistic

(-) materialistic, very interested in money

Speaker 2 (Irish)

(+) sociable, easy-going, religious, family oriented, good storytellers

(-) melancholic, nostalgic, drink a lot

Speaker 1 (English)

(+) tolerant, open to new ideas

(-) self-satisfied, arrogant towards foreigners, lazy, careless in the way they dress, drink too much

Speaker 1 (Scottish)

(+) proud of their identity, inventive, sociable, like to have a good time, great travellers, well behaved abroad

(-) melancholic, negative attitude towards their neighbours (the English), quite negative towards foreigners


  1. a) achieve  b) inherited  
  2. a) emigration  b) climate
  3. a) multi-ethnic  b) unwillingness
  4. a) attitude  b) wrongs

B2 readers for this year

Hi, everyone!

These are the two novels we are going to read over the year. Diary of a wimpy kid will be part of our February reading comprehension exam, whereas Lies of Silence will appear in our final exam in June.

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