a small blog for students of English as a second language

driving_in_the_united_statesHi, everyone!

This is the listening comprehension exercise we did last week in class.

  1. The most dangerous thing to be on the road is ______________.
    1. a pedestrian
    2. a driver
    3. a motorcyclist
  2. Most accidents happen because drivers ______________.
    1. fall asleep at the wheel
    2. are drunk
    3. drive too fast
  3. Driving at night is ______________ times as dangerous as driving during the day.
    1. three times
    2. four times
    3. ten times
  4. You’re most likely to have a non-fatal accident on a ______________.
    1. Tuesday morning
    2. Friday afternoon
    3. Saturday night
  5. Most fatal accidents happen on ______________.
    1. motorways
    2. A-roads
    3. country roads
  6. Kilometre for kilometre, women have more ______________ than men.
    1. minor accidents
    2. serious accidents
    3. fatal accidents
  7. The age at which a driver is most at risk is ______________.
    1. over 75
    2. between 21 and 25
    3. under 25


1.- 1  2.- 3  3.- 2  4.- 2  5.- 3  6.- 1  7.- 3


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a small blog for students of English as a second language

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