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We’re moving!!

Hi, everyone!!

I’m opening a new site in which I’ll include all the contents of this weblog. That means that there will be no new posts here (at least for some time), because all the new stuff will appear on the brand-new site.

The contents of this blog will remain untouched, so you can always come back and view what interests you most.



Javier Agüera:

Here you have again Yossi and Kevin’s adventure in the Amazonian rainforest.

Originally posted on english 4 all:

Hi, everyone!

This is the listening comprehension activity that we’ve been doing about the 4 friends who took part in an incredible adventure in the Amazon rainforest.

On the following links you can find some information about the people involved and a video of Yossi, one of the survivors.

Article: I was lost in the Amazon jungle


And in this video we can see Yossi, who has become a motivational speaker, giving talks all over the world about his adventure.


track 4.3

track 4.4

track 4.5

track 4.6

track 4.7

track 4.8

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B2 – Crime and punishment

Hi, everyone!

This is a compilation of documents I’ve been posting over the last few years on this topic: CRIME


Hi, everyone!

This is my new blogroll on books, reading, literature… It’s student oriented, so I hope you find it useful — that’s my intention.

On the blog you can see your own work. If you’d like to contribute with book reviews, recommendations, or anything of interest you might have in mind, please let me know!


s & m

Hi, everyone!

This is the recording for unit 3A’s listening comprehension exercise. You can find the key below.

track 3.1



1.- Sam likes his job, but Marcia doesn’t

2.- Sam has to deal with some very difficult people and has to put up with some idiots. Marcia thinks managing a hotel is quite stressful and doesn’t like people complaining all the time. She can’t stand it when people steal things. Also either she or her husband has to be at the hotel and it’s very hard to get a holiday together.

b) & c)

SAM   1e)  2a)  3d)  4g)

MARCIA   5c)  6f)  7h)  8b)

Hi, everyone,

This is the handout we’ve been doing in class. The key is at the end of the document, as usual.

Javier Agüera:

Hi, everyone,
Here you have again the informal writing worksheet.

Originally posted on english 4 all:

This the informal letter handout we’ve been working with in class. If you want the model composition for exercise F (page 6), request it by sending me an email.

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Hi, everyone!

While looking for Thanksgiving resources I came across this funny video. Enjoy!

Hi, everyone!

These are some recipes recommended by Meredith, our assistant teacher. Remember we’re having our own Thanksgiving at EOI Montoro next Thursday, and to celebrate this holiday we’ll be having the first Thanksgiving Cooking Competition.


Hi, everyone!

This is the recording from unit 2D. This unit’s focus is on expressions to give and ask for advice and how to show concern.

Track 2.8




  1. F (She thinks her husband works too hard)
  2. T
  3. F (He thinks she is spending too much on things for the house and their children)
  4. T
  5. F (She thinks Lorna and Andy both need a night off)
  6. T


Curso MOOC experimento/MOOC course experiment

a small blog for students of English as a second language

Empleados Públicos de la Junta de Andalucía. MÁLAGA.

NO a los Decretos Ley 5/2010, 6/2010, y NO a la Ley 1/2011.


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